For viewing displeasure a short series diving into what makes people volunteer to help others. Obvious to many, “why not”, however so many either focus on the self or let life lead them as they feverishly pursue happiness. In today’s age the self is hot, whilst the opposite is simply an anomaly. So henceforth I present Two People You Don’t Give Two Shits About, Riding in a Jeep.

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There’s no profit to be made here, and while some of us in the show may adorn an array of accouterments from different companies for and not for profit alike, the opinions voiced, sung, or otherwise do not reflect the thoughts of any organization.

Episode 0 – Why and What

Episode 1 – Chocolate Rain

Episode 1 – Chocolate Rain Part 2

Episode 2 – Enter The Pappy

Episode 2 – Lost Anecdote (RoughCut)

Episode 3 – Wandering

Episode 4 – Into The Blue

Episode 5 – BookWorm

Episode X – Freaky Friday

Episode X2 – Enter The Orgs