Generally I consider myself a private person with convictions I would seldom if at any time impress upon others. I'm a boy in a man who is guided by intuition, reason, and purpose. Over this holiday which I rarely celebrate, I do give thanks to those who realize that being alive is simply not enough. While alive and able minded those that have the vision to try no matter how hard the road, to change the world have my gratitude. The world is formed with thoughts, hopes, and dreams, but it is forged by the drive of few to see what's wrong and take action. To listen to that homeless man's story over coffee. To see that car stuck on the side of the road and stop. To smile at misfortune and use it to learn, and grow. We are all beings that have grown all too comfortable with ourselves and the mediocre. It is up to us and us alone to shirk that comfort once in awhile, face the fear of discomfort and not only think, but act. Not for us but for those you surround yourselves with today and on the daily. Not for us but for those who will inherit this planet. Not for us but for those who have fallen. The thought will rarely count unless it is altruistic and effects a difference for the betterment of the whole. May your acts be true and ubiquitous. Happy Thursday!