Never Be

The greatest thing that may never be
Relentlessly seems to torture me
The sound of the subtle sigh in her breath
The lack thereof, more grave than death
Her look so bright and her angelic touch
Will haunt me forever, I love her so much
Shall I run away, for this will end in my pain
But being apart seems to drive me insane
Every moment together, minute upon hour
The glimpses of happiness, testament of her power
As much as I may and try as I might
I will never be good enough to hold her tight
As the sun doth rise and ultimately set
This unrequited love I shall never forget
In my night scape of feeling, she’s my brightest star
But never will I hold her, I just watch from afar
My mind’s eye tells me tales of blissful romance
Yet my eyes of real say I’ll never have a chance
Pray thee the honor of revealing a world shared and me
and how it’s the greatest thing that may never be



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