Get Lucky Redux

This marks the third consecutive year that I not only curse winter but the truth that I despise running, let alone outside. However while some may have the predilection to argue the meaning behind me doing things I don’t find likable, it is always my own judgment that matters. So to explain the heretofore to the lot which adores categorizing things, here’s the short of it to squash the consternation my seemingly contradictory ways provoke in the narrow minded. I’d like to say that running for me began as a hobby a sport. Hardly the case as for me it was a necessity akin to predator and prey.

I grew up in the mean streets of Los Angeles with little to no money to even ride the bus (known as the RTD or Rough, Tough, and Dangerous). An arduous and sometimes painful tail to regurgitate filled the utmost of tribulation. Mornings of eating what dear old mother would refer to as chow mix. As tears sting the eyes at this retelling I can almost taste the mixture of powdered milk and grounded up Frosted Flakes. Some mornings it was chow mix, and on the good days generic Total in a mixing bowl smothered with coffee. Say what you will, at least it wasn’t bagged milk. Hearty breakfast followed by running through gang ridden lands, hurdling fences, and making my living as a motown crooning street urchin. It didn’t pay all the bills but then again I was only five. Some would come to say that such an experience should be plenty for one to hang their hat on. For every passing moment from then to adulthood I could use that one story alone to bolster pity, diagnose myself with every psychological disorder, and justify a mediocre existence cause I had been through too much. Not this guy though, and not because I’m lucky, it’s cause that never happened. I don’t really know when or why I started running, but it keeps me in less rotund of a shape and it gives me a place to think. Grant it most of the thoughts are of searing pain and breathlessness, nevertheless not all thoughts can be of happy trees.  The point I’m hardly trying to make is loosely Socratic such that one should examine one’s past but not so much that you allow yourself to be limited by it. I hit a certain wall when I began to get annoyed by those shackling themselves to presuppositions on past missteps or peer influence. Worse yet the denizens waxing poetic about accomplishments made eons ago to the masses. Cackling hens deathgripping that one time they did that one thing as if they parted the Red Sea, and have the wisdom of the cosmos at the ready. Whilst annoying I do keep an observational ear and eye to the dribbling and to many I am all too reticent. But I digress in this digest.jung1

To keep this within a marathon’s length I encountered many who let their triumphs or failures attributed to their past self preclude their ability to go further, to test their own limits and realize that they have none. One could argue that I was being judgmental but we actually all are, and if you aren’t aware I’ll point you to ironic process theory to fill in the gaps. So given that I’m only human what began as a pastime became one facet of a stratagem designed to push myself as well as keep myself in the present without too much focus on my past self or my future self. What began with occasional Chili Dog Runs led me to the Get Lucky 7K, and after giving the 7K a second attempt last year, I was able to find some limits within myself. Those limits being, that one should not consume large amounts of alcohol, Thai food, and White Castle Sliders after a 7K, and that a man my age should never be caught dead in an establishment called Plums.

However given this will be my third venture into this yearly celebratory event I will abstain from Plums, maybe the sliders and kick it up a notch in order to be true to my dictum. I signed up for the Triple 7K, which promises to be slightly chilly yet a scenic little romp. If you’re as horrible as math as I am that’s about 21K or half a marathon. I leveraged the power of well meaning during the 3 or so weeks I trained for the event, and I did skip Chipotle a day or two.  All the same, I have no doubt that I will complete the event crawling, jogging, or skipping. Besides I recently unearthed a chocolate Twinkie that I will reward myself with upon race completion. Now, provided you’ve actually read this far consider yourself a person with incredible endurance and go ahead and sign up for the race as well. The more the merrier they say. For those that do run on the steady I recommend the Charity Miles application which can help turn those miles you burn into help to a variety of great charities. I’ve used it for quite sometime myself and it does well to keep the Karma balanced out.


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