TheQuick: FEAR 3

For fans of first person shooters this title should ring a bell. To this wannabe writer the game is a refreshing break from the typical military storyline and takes a walk on the paranormal side. Years ago I played the demo for the first one which I found quite compelling, but I unfortunately never circled back to give it a full play-through. Lucky for me though this game jumped back up on my radar as soon as I found out John Carpenter was involved in some of the story development. In summary this game centers around psychically enhanced siblings as they shoot and possess their way through enemy soldiers, demons, and their own memories in search of their mother. I was able to pick this title up and play through it without even knowing the storyline of the first two. By the way, I played through it twice, and it still remains a game a slap in when I want a quick few minutes of shoot em up and horror. There’s something espectualy creepy about a ghostly little girl roaming around and giggling. This title is not as long as the other two games but it’s storyline and cooperative play makes it a fun and suspenseful game. I mean if you’re into survival horror this one is also a great break from the now tedious Resident Evil series. I mean how many times can you just run around avoiding a monster for two minutes, come on. Another aspect that titillates my senses about this game is the ability to slow time, which (this is my geeky part coming out) reminds me of the matrix. How many games nowadays can you say that you got to slow time to head shot five soldiers, then beat down about ten or so psychopaths with a lead pipe. Looky there I actually wrote a positive blog entry. I strongly recommend playing this and it’s predecessors on a cold winter’s night when you want a good time and good scare that won’t give you motion sickness like that hack of a film Yellow Brick Road. Now let’s cut to the quick.

The Good

  • The dialogue and cinematics work to quickly get you into the storyline without holding your hand.
  • The suspense and shifting battle tempo does great to get your adrenaline going.
  • You get to possess people. This aspect hasn’t been as much fun to me since playing OddWorld.
  • Their survival games which are similar to the Call of Duty Zombie maps are quite addicting, especially the F*ing Run scenario.


The Bad

  • The online multiplayer is almost as terrible as Metal Gear Solid 4’s online multiplayer.
  • Some downloadable content add on levels or scenarios like Fear 2 would be nice.
  • There’s not enough of the creepy mother.



  • Not to spoil it but, the freaking ending.
  • The demons look like something from Ghostbusters.
  • Where the hell is the rest of your squad that's supposed to be your backup? (This applies to every game in the series)

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