Video Addiction: Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

I believe it’s safe to say that when it comes to many a things I’m a touch behind. I have no words or collection of witicisms devised to excuse myself from the travesty of having missed this delicious nougat of geeky comedy. Then again in today’s world I’m not too sure there’s many who don’t fall behind in some aspects of life. This little addiction is actually one small piece of a bigger addiction which is Felicia Day (sorry Tina Fey, there’s a new girl in town). Felicia and her series The Guild is a niche bit of funny that reminds me of other old InterWeb shows now gone the way of the dinosaur like Hope is Emo or the Tiki Bar Vodcast. At any rate this one stands apart and has quite the following due in large for it’s frighteningly accurate depiction of a guild and all the nuances that come with folks so dedicated to an MMO. Admittedly I myself was a bit of a guildy many years ago when I played Dark Age of Camelot and the monumental failure that was The Matrix Online. That latter game still stings a bit since I did build a whole gaming machine just to play that disaster. Many a night me and my mates would spend finding just the right attire to wear before raiding a dungeon where I would typically pull a Leeroy Jenkins and get us all killed. If you were one of the sorry lot to face me in my Dark Age of Camelot days you would know me as Mrs. Featherbottom. Didn’t I say it was a wacky lot who played those games. At any rate nowadays I find myself in and out of the console gaming world playing first person shooters with a smattering of action adventure tossed in. By the by, I always make time for Zelda. Sticking true to the fact that I’m a little late to the party I just wrapped up Fear 3 and Deus Ex. Much like discovering The Guild I ended up playing these great games well into their sequels. So now just like The Guild I’m working backwards to get caught up. As many would say, short story long, The Guild is a great show however what really gets my attention is that Felicia does it all. The production, the writing, and Gandolf knows what else. In my eyes that’s pretty damn impressive and I hope she keeps on keeping on. How bout a Eureka spin-off with Neil Grayston and Wil Wheaton?

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