hive excerpt: the first

….Much akin to a child on Christmas morning this woman disrobes me with feverish excitement as I drape her body with kisses. As we begin to play her final game I leave no area untouched by my lips. Playful scratches, and breathless kisses break into moans, as I pick her up to rest against my naked body and I enter. Oh how the times have changed. With little effort and even less time this little animal begs to be tamed and for her final moments she will have all she desires. She tilts her head back to fill the room with her sounds of ecstasy as I lay her down. Like a demon possessed she writhes and beckons for more. My adrenaline begins to race as I feel the warmth of her body succumb to my motions, the heaviness of her panting reaching out as if calling for aid. I can feel my excitement starting to build as my eyes roam her sweat drenched body. I stop at her neck and once playful kisses are nibbles that I now cover her loving neck with which make her twinge with intensity. I start to salivate as I embrace this little animal. Without warning I can feel her muscles tighten and relax as she starts to quiver in effervescent pleasure. The sweet sound of her life force coursing through her at fever pitch is too strong to deny any longer. I tear into her loving neck as moans become death cries of unrelenting panic. I feel the warmth of her life force drench my throat as my sweet little animal’s heart once a flutter slows to a pace matching mine….


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