Video Flashback: Henery Hawk

It's been a busy few weeks as the day job got crazy which coincided with some much needed prepping for a couple of great charities I have the honor of taking part in. I'm almost through it, and soon I'll be back to catching up on reviews and slapping out tidbits for the three or four folks that actually follow this madness I call a blog. For now I'll leave you with a classic cartoon featuring a kick ass chicken hawk that I use to give me strength as I look forward to the MS150 cycle ride I'll be in this weekend. Keep in mind I'm no athlete and I'm pretty much as lazy as they come so I tend to use a whimsical blend of icons from classic cartoons and Matrix movies along with random songs to which I know the lyrics to get me through. With no further adoo, I give you Henery the chicken hawk. 

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