hive excerpt: walking

….As I stand upon the cold concrete sidewalk, and stare down the boulevard I take in the neon lights and the dwindling crowds. Only the brave, the lovers, and the workers are left strewn across the canvas of the cityscape. I now walk proudly through the thinning street crowds like a lightening bolt cuts across cloud infested sky. The denizens mean nothing to me as I can only hear the echoes of my boot heels as they clash against the ground. My movement made a song of it’s own when coupled with the slight drag of my trench coat along the ground. Without emotion or gesture on my part, the flock part and avoid my path almost as if they could sense my contempt for their simplicity. As if my strength and power radiated like their sun they recoil at the brilliance, my brilliance. Unfortunately I can now make out the putrid stench of the street worker which like moths are sadly attracted to the sun…..


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