Fishy Fishy Friday

I may not have a TV show, but ever since I saw an advert on the Arby’s fish sandwich which got a high rating from none other than a freaking blog, I guess I got a chance. Last I checked any person with an Internet connection and minimal intelligence can blog, case in point look at me. However now bloggers are considered valued, and even called reporters, what a joke. All of a sudden the interwebs that were once a myriad of Pokemon devotional sites and dancing hamsters is replaced by viral videos and an overflow of everyone’s opinions on everything. I ask my neighbor Blanche what she thinks of the new pub down the street and she says read my blog. I look on Bookface to see if anyone has any opinion on the spot and all I see is requests to copy and paste to prove my love for uncles/brothers/sisters/cousins/roommates. Pretty disturbing for those poor saps without the interweb and even worse without the knowledge of how to copy and paste. I wonder what Andy Rooney would say on the subject or what even his thoughts would be on WTF a viral video even is.

Now if you’ve read this far I suppose I should get to the point of today’s tasty dish which is fish. To me the Arby’s fish sammy falls a bit short, and this is coming from a guy who was raised on Whaler (now known as simply Big Fish, cause people are not to bright) and Moby Jacks mind you. I’m a fan of the fish sandwich but not of fish. When I say I’m not a fan of fish I mean, if it’s got bones and a head, get it the heck out of my face. I like my fish, breaded, smothered in tarter sauce, and looking as little as actual fish as possible. For those stricken with lent and performing the ultimate sacrifice of  no meat on Fridays, I’m sure the lord is very proud. So when fishing for a sammy take it from a guy with a horrendous appetite for food that’s tasty and bountiful. Cast that fishing line within an Irish pub for fish and chips or head over to McDonalds. Thankfully this fish sandwich has stood the test of time and hasn’t been tainted with lettuce or other horrid veggies. If you’re the fancy type take a stab at some sushi or if you’re fortunate to live in an area that has fish tacos, tear em up. If you care here are my top 5 fish sammies of the moment. I’m human so I contradict myself and change my opinion by the minute. Please note that for optimum hunger quenching I recommend a side of fries, and a burger.

  1. Filet O Fish-Untouched through the decades, it’s still number one.
  2. White Castle’s Fish Nibblers-Come on, they’re called nibblers.
  3. Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet-I typically stay away from anything with premium or sensation in the name, but I’ll let this one slide by.
  4. Burger King’s Big Fish-It’s big and it’s fish, what else you want?
  5. Jack In the Box’s Fish Sandwich-They boast that it’s from Alaska, whatever that means.

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