Thought of the Day: DiamondBack Bobcat

I was fortunate enough to catch an exhibition baseball game between the American and Mexican baseball leagues. This fantastic battle was between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Sultans of Monterrey. Although the final score was pretty much a blowout and one of the team’s uniforms looked like some sponsor explosion straight outta nascar, it was a fun and great game. I admire a team that chooses to wear all their sponsors instead of bothering with renting out stadium space. Ok, well actually I don’t, but it was interesting to see El Pollo Loco on the sleeves. So much in fact that I may get one for myself. Please make note that I actually liked something, cause that’s about as rare as someone admitting to watching Teen Mom. And yes I watched Teen Mom 2.

At any rate, as I sat in a suite provided by a company who still cares about their employees (a rarity, believe me), I noticed something a little off. As long as I’ve known of the Dbacks the name stood for a type of snake. So why do I spy a scrawny chipmunk looking bobcat named Baxter running through the bleachers? I was a fan of the movie Teen Wolf but this thing looked more out of place than Willard Scott in a Chuck e Cheese ball pit.
Well it just so happens that Chase field was formerly known as Bank One Ballpark which if you shorten it you get BOB, thus a bobcat for a mascot. Smooth move pinning the mascot to a stadium name cause those don’t ever change right. At any rate I’m the type of person who fixes things much like Macgyver without the hair and the stupid clothing. So my thought of the day is that Baxter the Bobcat should either change his and/or her name to align to the team or perhaps a compromise that incorporates the venue and the team. So how about Chase the snake. Don’t thank me all at once, yes it’s genius.

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