Cashing In The Golden Pipes

Today springtime was not so much. The day was met with a whispering howl of icy wind amidst a seemingly never ending downpour of rain that had my face contorted and my eyes squinting so much that I could have passed as the love child of French Stewart and Gilbert Gottfried. Ever still it was springtime and since there wasn’t any snow falling, in true cocky Puerto-Rican fashion I did some singing in the rain. After doing so I noticed it’s not typically something folks expect when you walk into a Target store from the throngs of sloppy madness. However like a wise person once told me; “Singing is much like going poopy time. When you get that feeling it’s unhealthy and wrong to hold it in.” Actually in retrospect perhaps they meant my singing was like, oh well never mind. At any rate hearing my golden pipes wale away got me to thinking I should jump on the voice over train. It’s not like anything has to be professionally done, or even done by anyone with talent anymore. You can thank the Interwebs for that. Heck I’m probably one temper tantrum away from getting fired from my real gig anyway, and from what I hear homeless and a great voice can get you somewhat far, or at least on the Today show. So I took a stab at some adverts and now I unleash upon you a sampling of the many snippets. Enjoy cause they only get worse.

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