Get Lucky 7K

A might bit back I had written about things to do to get your mind off of the humdrum of the lingering winter. I think it was called Go to Your Happy Place when Hell Freeze's over. Yes I have quite the knack for run on titles. At any rate I hadn't taken my own advice for awhile since basically to me advice is what you give not what you do. So I decided to take on a 7K which in American that's a wee bit over a 4 mile run. Also decided to try out Team Ortho's Get Lucky 7k event, cause face it we all could use some luck. Until now the coldest event I had participated in was the Minnesota Ironman in Lakeville. That event takes place toward the end of April and the last time I went through that bike ride it was snowing. Long story short it was time for another challenge. It's one of the few ways I can keep tabs on knowing if I'm alive besides that little feeling in my tummy when there's a rerun of Bewitched. I'm no athlete by any means and believe me when I say that after training and being in my first 7k, there is no happy place you get to. It's a road of soreness, anguish, lots of cursing, whining, but eventually one of accomplishment.

I will say that I am very impressed with Team Ortho and the great job they do in keeping participants informed, safe, the event feeling fun, and most importantly giving you cool shit. They conduct a series of events that give you the opportunity to not only see some nice areas of the city, but also allow you to adorn yourself with everything from loud irish pride gear, to head to toe in mud. One thing I did fail to anticipate was the huge turnout at this particular event. Being my first time I was completely unprepared by the onslaught of people dancing in the streets which I'm a fan of, and people just slow walking and shooting the shit in a line blocking you from running your pace, not a fan of. At any rate this event took place in downtown Minneapolis and as luck would have it the weather was clear and not too brisk. The course took participants river side and across the lovely Stone Arch bridge. Irish dancers kept the motivation going and seeing Batman, the Joker, and a mutant turtle kept my geek side snickering. All in all it was a great event and one I'd recommend doing even if you're suffering through the remnants of a flu, like me. If you do tackle this one while sick I suggest Pedialyte and trail mix, works wonders. If you're the extremely geeky training type, I suggest using NikePlus with GPS or RunKeeper on your iPhone to give you that extra push when training. I'd say more but I see Bewitched is on right now.



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