Batman Comes to Facebook

It looks as if it’s already been a busy week for Warner Brothers, ¬†and it’s only Tuesday. First they fire the Sheen and now they look to be testing out a wee little something that may or may not be aimed at putting the screws to Netflix. We all know that Hollywood doesn’t really like Netflix, and they’ve been looking for great and exciting ways to make that service about as appealing as the SyFy channel on a Saturday night. Today marked the day of the next step in their master plan, as they shoved the Dark Knight all up in Bookface. Yep that’s right another reason never to leave that anti-social social network. Now you can not only show everyone how great you are growing crops, playing bejeweled, or professing your braggy political agendas, but now you can watch movies from within that great little universe you can’t seem to click out of. For a mere three bucks or a small portion of your Facebook credits, you can rent some flicks. For more on this riveting venture go here. As for me I’ll stick to buying items where I don’t need a complex conversion chart to figure out the monetary value, and that not remind me of the Chuck-e-Cheese tokens and those horrid tickets.

Update: A point of clarification since it’s come to my attention that Warner Bros. and Facebook aren’t in some kind of deal to rent movies in a move against Netflix. This just happens to be a feature available to any and all developers that Warner is messing with. So if you were wondering you too can concoct something and have it use those awesome Facebook credits to build your riches. Do your part to help immerse the denizens into thinking that Facebook is the one and only Interweb. Personally I like my Internet with a few less faces, and love having to play wheel of fortune whenever deciding what online service to rent my flicks from. For what it’s worth these Batman clips are free to you so here’s part two.

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