TheQuick: Playstation Home

If you’re the type of person that enjoys living simulated life from the comfort of your couch and/or speaker ladened, air cooled gaming chair, then deep within the bowels of your Playstation 3 sits a not so vast, and mundane secret world. A world where you can fly, oh wait wrong sim. I mean one where you can walk slowly from place to place. A world where you can take time to watch a video game trailer, or maybe make a new friend (that may or may not be a middle aged man posing as a girl). If this sounds freaking awesome, then escape the confines of the norm and head over to Playstation Home. There you can setup your own little abode and collect virtual meaningless objects to adorn your home, yourself, or use to get yourself that cute little avatar you’ve been peeping in the Star Wars Cantina. Oh yeah, the one with the dragon wings that’s pop locking like nobody’s business.
As you can probably tell from the vid clip above this little deal has been in beta since around 2008 which is quite a stretch of time. I was fortunate enough to give PSHome a go during it’s closed beta, and have dabbled with it now and again in open beta. My experience with Playstation Home has been one of utter wackiness. Now I believe it’s being marketed as social network as it ramps up a nickel and dime engine that rivals Zynga for mafia like shakedown status. For good or bad it’s a model that works. Setup a nice little free to play game, or in this case world then get them when they want to buy virtual t-shirts, some giant two handed sword you can do nothing with, or a pair of gravity boots that let you to play some obscure game in the farthest corner of the PSHome verse. As for me it’s something I hit up when bored and want to see what people will do when a breakdancing avatar, screaming I like cheese does. But that’s just me, as for you I’ll cut to the quick and let you make up your own mind.


  • You can network with other players and get a look at up and coming games, even demo a small scale version of games.
  • If you’re into questing, some worlds slather you with mundane tasks that make you run around aimlessly looking for glyphs in order to earn a virtual t-shirt.
  • It’s constantly evolving with more worlds being added, as well as enhancements. More to the point the 1.5 upgrade looks to have some potential for the social sim.


  • Jumping from place to place within PSHome is slow and alot of the mini-games are rendered worthless because of the slowness. Case in point; Magic The Gathering, Socom, and Wipeout have questing mini-games that become not worth your time due to the slow moving as you try to find all the trinkets needed to earn the reward. Let a guy get some lightening boots or something that work on a global level.
  • If I waste the time to download a place within the PSHome verse don’t make me pay 5 or 10 bucks just to play your stupid game. It’s annoying to spend a couple minutes waiting to get into a place only to find out you gotta shell out some cake just to play. You gotta give some to get some.
  • As soon as I leap into the central plaza something other than a boom box, and a screen showing trailers would be nice. How about some classic free games? Perhaps a few Connect4, Scrabble, Chess tables laying around for quick and easy multiplay. Btw, the Killzone 3 taking over the plaza was actually nice.


  • You can’t freaking fly or at least pile drive someone:  If this world is no different then the real one, then why bother.
  • Some of the people out there are freaks: I’ve seen avatars (cartoons mind you) cuddling and trying to hump one another. Unless it’s Tina Fey and me in my living room tusseling in a tub full of mayo and McDonald’s fries I don’t wanna frakkin see it.
  • I played the Little Big World mini-game and was rewarded with a little green cloth bush. If that doesn’t say WTF, I don’t know what does.

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