Alfred on “Horton hears a Who”

Day before last I went out for a Suessical film to see. But to my surprise there was no grinch, cat, or even littlecat Z. Perhaps I should have read the book sometime before. Then perchance I would have known what was to be in store. I really must say that I felt quite disturbed, with the incessant rhyming which left me perturbed. Then drizzle in the fact that they didn’t even star a gnome. For a second, an instant I wanted to go home. But alas Istayed and gave it a look, and with laugh after laugh I wanted the book. Since thirty minutes in I could plainly see, that the book would have been better for you and me. The book would not have ever wasted my time. With the nonsense of ninjas and Picachu shoe horned in was a crime. Don’t get me wrong I like what Suess teaches, with all the rhyming and made up words like sneeches. Even when the guy couldn’t find the word to rhyme, he’d whip up a weird one and it worked every time. The cartoon was sure filled with a star studded cast. I heard Michael from The Office and the man from Grinch past. I even heard the voice of a familiar girl, I think she was the mean one from My Name is Earl. All in all the film had a great theme and Carreyand Carell made a good team. This cartoon was good, not great but it warms the heart. Complete with sprinkles of insight that kind Horton imparts. Rent it, and see it with friends or family worth lovin. You can make it a party with grandma and cousin.

Al “April 2008”

Update: Happy birthday Dr. Suess!

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