Quantum Monkeys

Twice now I’ve come across this trailer during my interweb travels, and twice it has fooled my geeky side into thinking this was something it’s sadly not. Like many of you, or more succinctly a handful of you, I imagine at first glance you thought as I did, which was holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, it’s Quantum Leap the movie.
The trailer opens with Donnie Darko, and him stumbling around confused and seemingly looking for a mirror. He then finds it and sees a reflection within it that seems far from his own. It’s at that point I always find myself waiting in anticipation for the phrase Scott Backula made famous, “oh boy”, but you get nothing. Nothing but Donnie Darko running around the silver streak like a crazed maniac. Now grant it I haven’t seen this film since it doesn’t hit till this April, but the trailer sure smelled like a finely emulsified mix of Quantum Leap and Twelve Monkeys.  I’m not saying it won’t be good, I’m sure lots of people saw Next, but this thing sure left me wishing I’d see the dazzling special effects of Al walking through cars, or Al smacking the hell out of that gummy iPhone he always toured with. Not to get off on a rant, but Quantum Leap is one of the few shows that took the genre science fiction and used it as a license to provide social documentary. Akin to Roddenberry, these sci-fi shows took strides in showing us how great and how horrible we as a people can be, not to mention the occasional history lesson as well. Yes I admit it, I learned more history from Quantum Leap than I did in history class.
If anything this two minute trailer left me more nostalgic than thirty seconds with an old Sears catalog. Good or bad this clip left me quite thirsty for the shows of old, but also fearful as to what would ever happen if someone like Michael Bay got his hands on some old shows that should probably stay dead. Say for instance the forgettable classics, The Dinosaurs and Charmed. I’m so afraid in fact that I’ll just mention in passing the shows Herman’s Head and Dear John. Man that hurt to put to words. If Hollywood doesn’t feel the need to slap up a little Quantum Leap then how about a nice whimsical blend of Mork & Mindy, and some Perfect Strangers. Oh wait, that was called Harry and the Hendersons. Better yet just bring back Small Wonder, hell you gave Bionic Woman and Knight Rider a shot.

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