Cooking with the Needy’s

Now I've seen my share of questionable material in my time. Some could venture a say that I'm well steeped in all things horror and equally debaucherous. So it's safe to say that to quote several of my favorite films, I have seen shit! So imagine my shock and awe as I sat down to feast my eyes on a tasty dish of Food TV, and got slapped in the face like a stick of beef jerky with this little show called Down Home with the Neely's. It's a show featuring down home cooking with an adorable loving couple, that as you can see from the clip below makes cooking seem to be the last thing on their minds. Now I'm not passing judgement here cause I'm sure there are many that enjoy taking a shot of tequila every time this needy couple says y'all. Heck, some of you may be nostalgic over the classic Forest Gump flick, and may just want to cuddle up and listen to Pat Neely lay down his golden pipes, sounding like a whimsical blend of Forest and Bubba, as he beckons his wife to drizzle that cake with creamy frosting one more again. Whatever you like to fill your eyes up with is your own, I just know that whenever this show pops up, I'll be watching it while covering my eyes and waiting for the porn music to kick in.

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