Go To Your Happy Place When Hell’s Frozen Over

It’s been a cold one up here in the middle west of the nation. Of course after braving this for months you feel as if your body is used to such atrocities. I have even on occasion found myself running around pant-less on 26 degree days. Sadly though, the past couple of days have dipped so far below zero that you can find me wearing everything in my closet, resembling a Tuscan Raider as I traverse the barren winter wasteland, hopping from building to building hoping I don’t freeze to death. Even the term brain freeze takes on a whole new and horrid literal feel. Dry, cracked lips, a slow defeated swagger, and a lack of brain function making me use the words awesome and amazing way too often.

As death defying as my life has become over the desolate winter months there is a little thing I keep in my happy place to help get me through. No, not that happy place, my other one. As you may have guessed, it’s the thought of bike riding in the springtime. It’s typically around the end of January and February where the promos for early registration start flying in for different athletic events. Given that I sometimes lack the motivation to actually exercise on my own, I use such events to bait me into getting into some shape other than round. It also helps get through what is hopefully the last of the arctic chill. Why don’t you just move to a warmer climate you ask? Well read between my earlier lines, I’m lazy.

Now if bike riding, and let me clarify, if bicycle riding isn’t your thing I understand. Hell after watching a certain episode of Modern Family, bike riding wasn’t too much my thing anymore either. If it isn’t or if you’re in the mood to change it up with a run, a swim, or all three, then hit up Active.com. Active is what I use along with MidwestEvents when looking for things to gear up for, as well as pick up a tip or two. I’d personally recommend a chili dog run, but that doesn’t happen in this neck of the woods anymore, but I do hear tale that there’s a few beer and even a donut run event going on somewhere. Why not reward yourself when running with tasty treats? For those that want to kick it up a notch you can go for stuff with words in the event title like urban assault or lederhosenlauf. The point is pick a theme or a charity and go do something.

I fancy myself one that rides for the warmth, the scenery, and illusion of fitness, in other words I ride for recreation. I’m not one that dresses in the most ridiculous of flashy tight apparel and dreams of being Lance Armstrong. Alright, well I don’t do that anymore. Correction, I don’t do it during the work week.

I don’t care if you’ve got an old rusty beach cruiser, a Picycle (as pictured to the left), or something that makes you look as if you’re riding a unicycle with handle bars called a Yike bike. Regardless of your craft of choice you should be able to partake in just a couple of my bike event favorites that I’ve got below, and come out having a good time, while leaving those horrid, horrid memories of winter behind you.

MN Ironman – This one is to dust off the bike. They offer varying routes and it hits at the end of April/early May.

MS 150 – This is a two day 150 mile bike ride that helps fight Multiple Sclerosis. This particular one happens in Duluth, MN, but this event is available nationally. Hit the link to see what MS Society events are in your region.

TeamOrtho – These guys always have something great cooking. I saved one of my best places to go for last since I always turn to this site or their twitter feed when looking to push myself.

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