No Chips For You

It was a cold day in January, which probably comes as no surprise since for a heaping slathery portion of the year it tends to get that way up in this neck of the woods. In reality I had no inkling of how very cold that day would get. Had I known what I know now, I would have stayed indoors and kept warm by exercising to the DVD I got by mistake in the mail over Christmas.

At any rate, I was out and about as many do when the cabin fever takes hold. I had hit the streets dressed like the Michelin man, not naked just very puffy with all the clothing. (Keep your mind out of the gutter, I’m telling a painful tale here.) I took some time to laugh and wonder what the hell people were doing outside on a sub zero day. Then I took another bit of time to reminisce on how cool the game Mortal Combat was when it first came out. Sadly those bits of time went on a bit too long and I had found myself starving, shivering, and dealing with a face full of freezing nose juice. In almost an instant I realized I needed to get back indoors, and get some food. I made my way over to Baja Sol for none other than free chips and salsa. I admit that I wasn’t a frequent patron of the establishment. To be frank it sometimes got gross to see so many flying up to the free chips and salsa bar, and scavenging as much as they could much like swine to a trough. People cutting in front of one another, dipping digits into the different sauces to get a sample, and all to the tune of ’80s Spanish music. Tell you what though, I was in the mood for a burrito that wasn’t Chipotle, and it was the closest place to me.

So imagine my shock and disdain to be greeted by the little pictured red sign, like a full on punch to the soup can I was stunned. Out of nowhere it was closed down, and empty. No music to be heard, no sauce to baste my digits with, just an empty stomach on a cold day. I won’t lie when I say the mystery smothered me like a zesty green salsa atop cheese enchiladas as I reluctantly ate my carnitas burrito across town.

Was it the chips and salsa that did this? Did they go under for simply giving too much? Whatever the reason that location has closed and in an area overstuffed with eateries catering to the posh, that psuedo mexican will be missed. Not to be remiss though, I did some digging and what I found while being an answer is still as ambiguous as some of the Baja Sol music selection. Keep hope alive free chip minions, it may return.

The low down:  Community awaits, Baja Sol’s return

Update March 20th: Well it looks like the mystery is somewhat over. Well at least we know what the fate of Baja Sol in Oakdale will be but may never know what exactly went down. Adorned upon the street facing window is now a sign that says a grand reopening of the restaurant will be hitting the town on April 1st. Now if this is some kind of April Fool’s joke who knows, so perhaps you best not count your chips before they open. The proof of the banner will be in the salsa.

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