Nature’s Bounty

Surely I’m not alone when I say that when hearing the word nature it evokes images of massive landscapes. Some of endless tropical oceans, with the sun dipping gently into them. To others a deep and thick forest smothered in snow. Fortunately for me I have lived in a few places, so the word brings to mind any of a hundred majestic and moving visions that would send even Lorne Greene’s heart a flutter.

However, that all changed for me on one faithful night whilst watching an old episode of Daniel Tosh’s show. I can drone on about the horror seen and how it took me weeks to get rid of this nightmare strangely reminiscent of the Twilight Zone, but to do so will only send me right back to nervous twitches and an aversion to flan. In my days I had heard of using urine as a treatment for acne, and even heard that if there’s seeds in your grape jelly it may not be jelly at all. My point is this product, this cook book struck me with an oddball lightening bolt of surprise, and left my face very much like it is as I write this, with an I just swallowed a sour ball face.  With no further adoo I give you Nature’s Harvest, a collection of semen based recipes.

Now let’s get it right, I’m not saying it’s wrong to involve nature’s natural fruits and juices in cooking, heck I used to use some of my fluids to style my hair, but I’ll just say it’s not really my cup of  

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