First Impression: HeyTell for iPhone

Since a wee little baby I've loved me some walkie talkies, yet I was always annoyed by those chirping Nextel phones when they were all the rage. Like a paranoid schizophrenic I found myself hearing that noise everywhere, and I mean everywhere. There were many a time where a bathroom project was cut short due to me swearing that I heard that cursed sound. At any rate when parsing my reader I came across HeyTell , which sounded like a great iPhone app to bring walkie talkies back without the annoying sound. As it turns out it's more of a voice messaging style of app, but nevertheless it's still cool. I consider myself less of a talker and more of a texter but lacking the breakneck finger typing speed, so this works nice for getting a quick blurb out or two.

As for my first impression, I ran into a little trouble connecting to contacts when using my Google number which I use for everything. It makes sense but it was a slight annoyance having to get people to use my actual iPhone number to connect. Once setup though it worked well. When in the background it would present me with a text message style notification so I could jump back into the application and listen to the sent messages. So far I'm hooked in with droid users so we'll see what their take is on the app.

For those that miss the chirp, here ya go.



After about thirty minutes of playing with the application it became more frustrating than fun. The delay between someone retreiving the messages I sent and me actually sending them was not only annoying but it totally killed the timing of the great one liners I was trying to bombard family members with. If at random your phone chirps and says I'm pooping that's kool and the gang, but if there's a chirp then after wrestling with the application for a few minutes you get three I'm poopings in a row, well that's just wrong. 

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