Alfred on “Shooter”

Shooter, an action/drama flick hit the box office in late March with a bang much like the sound of a round fired from a deer rifle, through an improvised silencer made from a water bottle. MarkWahlberg (from the band, Marky Mark and the Funky bunch, the 90’s pop sensation) stars in this one as Bobby Lee Swagger (I didn’t make that up), a Marine gunnery sergeant, ex-recon scout sniper who’s brought back into action. This movie also stars Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon fame as the questionable Colonel Isaac Johnson. This movie takes viewers on a roller coaster ride of shooting, running, pyrotechnics, and shooting from far away, but unfortunately this roller coaster forgot to pick me up. I found myself on the edge of my seat waiting in hopes that Danny Glover would deliver the famous Lethal Weapon line, “Damn it,Riggs I’m too old for this shit!”. But alas it never came. The movie did however contain a smothering of technical ballistics jargon, which left me believing myself to be a ballistics expert. One capable of calculating and firing a 7.62mm round from an M24 bolt action sniper at over 1,200 meters. Provided of course that I’ve accounted for wind speed, variation, and it’s effect on time to target. It’s quite a feat since the maximum effective range is 800 meters. You always gotta check your dope, never just Kentucky wind-age that crap. At any rate, although good at times the movie left me thinking I had watched a mix of the movies Sniper, Enemy of the State, and the Bourne Supremacy. So if you don’t care to spend the money to see it at the theater, watch the three movies I mentioned, read a ballistics manual and you should be good to go.

Al  “April 2007”

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