Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 Patch 1.06 Deployed

Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 Patch 1.06 Deployed.

Now I’ve been a Call of Duty fan for awhile, well since Modern Warfare. So that’s long enough to know what a good game feels like and long enough to know not to simply say things like, I like COD. Also a Playstation fan since it came out. To put things in perspective I waited in line to get this iteration of Call of Duty, and sadly the thing seems to get worse as time goes on. Now I’m putting aside the fact that I’ll have to wait who knows how much longer then Xbox kids to get the new map pack hitting the streets Feb 1. Back to point I can never go a time without having to bounce the Playstation which with any other game I’ve never had to do. I hope this patch does the trick. I’ve got it in and running and so far lagged out of two games, but the third time seemed to be the charm.


Well the patch came and went along with the big double XP weekend that seemed to serve to calm the PS3ers down from the tyrade of not getting the new map pack. As for the patch it did get rid of my ps3’s crashing, but replaced it with random lagging which left me and others actually finding 2 out of every 5 games playable. Not to mention that the double xp weekend should have been called double lag weekend instead. I’m not sure why I keep slapping this game in though, cause as laggy and beta like as it can be I just keep on playing holding out for just one night of lag free playing. Well that and the map pack the playstation will finally be getting a crack at on March 3rd.

Black Ops First Strike for PS3

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