Alfred on “Hancock”

Will Smith has been the king, or fresh prince of the independence day weekend since well Independence Day the movie. You may remember it when it was released back in 1996, Harry Connick Jr. died and Randy Quaid flew a plane into a spaceship. Then there was a slew of others, Men in Black, Bad Boys II, and Men in Black 2 to name a few. While admittedly I’ve been a fan of Big Willy since he lived in Bel-Aire, and also in spite of the fact he was in that horrible movie where Will played TeaCake Walters. I can’t help but be a bit angered at that fact that he’s never had D.J. Jazzy Jeff in any of these movies alongside him. Truth be told it was Jazzy Jeff that really made that Bel-Aire show hilarious. So when I saw Hancock and failed to see Jazzy Jeff or even good old Carlton I got a little perturbed, and it probably would have ruined the film for me. Luckily this movie packed enough of a nice comedic touch to dissipate my anger.

The movie included Justine Bateman who played the husband of Charlize Theron. Justine’s performance while not quite as controversial as her brother’s earlier performance was funny, and harkened back to her days on the show Arrested Development. I further found the movie a refreshing change from the usual perfect superhero by introducing us to an often intoxicated and moody superhero. It was also refreshing because it was a welcome change from the typical Will Smith cycle. You know what I mean, he fights some aliens, he fights some bad boys, he’s homeless, he fights some more aliens, he makes up a new dance, he fights some robots, teaches somebodyto dance, and then fights some people that look like aliens. In Hancock however he was intoxicated, moody, and fighting criminals not aliens, and that made the difference. Sadly though this was not enough for this hip cat. This movie while entertaining and lathered up with intermittent acts of physical comedy and sarcastic punch lines left me waiting for something. Could a catchy theme song with a new dance craze whipped up by the Fresh Prince have made a difference, probably not but it could have helped. This movie left me needing a bit more. It enticed me with action and a fascinating back story but then left me in the theater without closure or a catchy theme song. If I were Chris Walken I would say that the movie needed a bit more cowbell. So if you’d like some action and you don’t want to sit in a crowded theater and watch the Dark Knight (which was awesome), grab some nachos with jalapenos and go watch this movie. All in all you’ll love this movie if you take it for what it is, a whimsical blending of Walter Mathau ( Coach Morris Buttermaker) from Bad news Bears meets the Greatest AmericanHero.

Al “July 2008”

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