Alfred on “1408”

At first glance I thought Samuel L. Jackson, and John Cusack in a story by Stephen King it must be good. I furtherpontificated that when it comes to horror movies, when there’s a number in the title it seems to do a pretty goodjob. Movies like 28 days Later, The Sixth Sense, Friday the 13th, Seven, and Nine to Five seemed to have successfullyscared the heck out of me. However with this movie I was gravely mistaken. I suppose Stephen King can’t have greatones all the time, look at such shining examples as The Langoliers, Thinner, Sleepwalkers, and Dreamcatcher. All ofwhich, movies I wish I could forget. Now don’t get me wrong I like Stephen King’s movies and for a while 1408 had me.The manager of the Dolphin hotel played by Sam Jackson reveals to John Cusack’s character that no one has everlasted more than an hour in room 1408. I was intrigued, nervous, and on the edge of my seat waiting to sink my teethinto a scary movie. Unfortunately that quickly turned to horrifying depression as this movie turned into whimsicalblend of Groundhog Day and Jumanji. The only fear I felt was from the thought that Robin Williams would be jumpinginto the movie at any moment dressed like Tarzan. All in all the movie was marginally interesting with a splash ofspooky moments with a finish that left me wishing it was Jumanji.This movie while posing some interesting questions, it falls flat on answers, horror and overall entertainment. Thegood; it’s got Samuel L. Jackson in it. The bad, it’s not Snakes on a Plane. The ugly, it’s not Snakes on a Plane. OverallI give this feature two thumbs down. Thrilling it can be but horror it is not.

Al “Oct2007”

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