I see pidgeon peas

Being Puerto-Rican by nature, this whole living in the way up north has presented me with some difficulties in sinking my teeth into some of the foods I grew up on. Grant it I have been fortunate enough to be a man with the gift of great cooking, but that doesn’t mean life has been a cake walk. When I feel the need for some arroz con gandules, but don’t feel like cooking I can’t call up grandma to whip me up a batch. Ok, well I can but then it takes a while for her to ship it to me.
Arroz con gandules, translates rice and pidgeon peas (don’t let the name turn you off). This little dish has been claimed by Cubans, Dominicans, and damn near every Latin community with an island out there. To be honest I could care less who invented it, just make it good. I can now say very proudly that the trend of this, and other delectable dishes is can now be found in area eateries. Now instead of slaving away over a hot stove, I can hit the town and enjoy some good home cooking. Now if I can only find a place that’s got pasteles.

If you’re on the lookout for pidgeon peas, here are a few spots I’ve found to have them, albeit they aren’t like momma makes,  but make no mistake they are delicious.

My top spots
Brassa – Served as a side item it goes great with some pork and yucca frita.
El Burrito Mercado – Yep, that’s right a mexican market. You can find some nice quart sized to go containers of arroz con gandules to heat up via skillet to your heart’s content.

Victor’s Cafe – If you want to take a walk on the caribe side with an immersive experience give this place a whirl. It resembles a casita and while it may not have arroz con gandules, it makes up for it by having yuca, empanadas, cafecito, etc..

Conga Latin Bistro – For latin cuisine with a side of dancing give this place a visit.

Pictured here a lunch at Brasa:  Pork Sandwich, Corn masa and cheese cake, arroz con gandules, y cafe con leche.

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