Google Transcription of the Day: power show boot camp talk

Given my sometimes anti-social behavior voicemail is a fantastic thing. Now even more fantastical is Google Voice which allows my voicemails to be transcribed. Why is this fantastical you ask, cause the transcriptions take me back to the good old days of playing Mad Libs, with the nice WTF factor of what google voice comes up with as translations. With that I present to you today’s transcription of the day:

Yeah, Hi, this is Ray calling to let you know as a technical conference a lot. We have exclusive offer just for you. Be sure to check your email today for more information on this year’s conference, including these new blow this conferences exclusive power show boot camp talk by Don Jones evenings plantations one on one consulting extended tutorial need to speak with a whole lot more. That, hey, mentor defense dot com. 4. Slash Orlando 2011. Thanks a lot and we look forward to seeing you March 14th through the 18th in Orlando.

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