Home – May 19, 1991

Lying in this darkness with my breath escaped
thinking of my life lover, as now I am draped

love and life hath now left me to wither away
as maggots grow within, I will to stay

I hear no harps or an angel’s sigh
Just banging fists and my mother’s cry

I try to remember as my mind’s adrift
and my soul turns hard in this primal crypt

I remember the face that stole my heart
I remember the pain when we were apart

I remember our ignorance upon the earth
Then the realization of what’s it all worth

everything fades as my soul now erupts
with my guilty conscious, now so corrupt

I can now see the bridge I jumped off of
and flew through the air like a loving dove

now all is dark and I feel intense heat
a signal of what to come and of whom I’ll meet

I now come across a vision of everyone’s fear
I’ve now come to my new home and shed a tear

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