Cooking: Chili Dog Chili

Being the avid athlete that I am, on a yearly basis I look forward to competing in a little known thing called the Chili Dog run. Sadly though this year the race was canceled under the guise of the sponsors dropping out. This cool cat knows better though, I know that they felt the pressure of the event escalating to new heights and they frankly were afraid. I can sympathize since it’s happened to me on occasion. Sometimes I truly fear how great I can be. I fear it so much that I pretend to be tediously average in appearance and everything I do. Believe me it’s tough hiding away all this raw talent but you do what you must.
Well despite this travesty of not embarking on a chili dog run I’ve decided to whip up a batch of my not yet famous chili dog chili. Not only that but I’m going to share the recipe with all of my readers, that means you mom. This fantastically simple recipe earned me an honorable mention at a chili cook off. Well actually not so honorable but a mention none the less.

What you need:
1 or 2 cans Hormel Chili with Beans
A package of Nathan’s hot dogs
A crock pot
Some Devil’s Spit BBQ sauce

What to do:
Slap the chili up in the crock pot, and grill up the hot dogs on a grill. Feel free to wrap the dogs in bacon and grill ’em up as well to give more of an original flare. Once nice and charred slice and dice those dogs and slide em up into the crock pot with the chili. Then add the devil’s spit to taste or at least until it produces a slight kick. Now let it simmer for a while and it will get spicier the longer it cooks.

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