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Just thumbing through the September issue of Windows IT Pro magazine. It appears that its the 2005 Reader’s choice awards issue. I must be in the Twilight Zone because the award for best virtualization software went to Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 for number one with VMware Workstation second and VMware ESX third. I thought that was pretty pathetic but to put some icing on the cake, frilling Microsoft Windows Server Update Services gets the award for best patch management tool.

2. Microsoft SMS

3. Desktop Standard Policymaker

I think it’s about high time I started reading another mag. First Redmond mag now this one. I’ve used SUS, WSUS, ZenWorks, and now Patchlink for patching and for some reason WSUS doesn’t strike me as the best for patching. As for virtualization, admittedly I haven’t used the Microsoft product since it still belonged to Connectix. It sucked back then and I’ve been a user of all flavors VMware since VMware workstation 3.x. Am I the only who thinks these awards are a bit askew. Need I mention Xen.

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